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Rebecca Ingham


The hellscape once known as the great state of Iowa

Raised red which turned me blue. Be a good human. Vote Blue. Gen X Mom to kickass Millennial & Gen Z kids who are saving the country from the GOP.

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  1. The Biggest Reason I Vote Blue

    These four right here are the ones whose future I vote for. And they are the #Millennials & #GenZ the #GOP is terrified of. #GenX #GenXMom #GenXraisedthem #thekidswhowillsavetheworld #BlueWave #GenZWave
  2. First Post post!

    I just got on last night. Happy Friday, everyone, unless your name is Elon Musk. Today, don’t choose violence. Be nice to others (especially retail workers & delivery drivers). Try to spread some kin

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