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Just a regular guy in the Midwest. I appreciate people who are smarter than me, and who are ethical and compassionate. Oh, and I’m a Foot Model @ OnlyFans.

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  1. White Supremacists are merely mediocre people who are clamoring for Participation Trophies.
  2. I’m pretty disgusted by the lunacy on the right in this country. Time for a break. Here’s a picture I took last night. It’s like visual hope.
  3. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  4. This educator is turning the tables on right wing attempts to hijacker’s public education. She’s taking it right to them. Brilliance. Good for you, Dr. Liz.
  5. Hey - does anyone know where Rudy Guiliani is? He’s suddenly vanished. I miss his dye-trickling visage.
  6. Biden, SOTU address, Social Security gotcha: "They ran at him like a pack of lemmings and, with a wink and a grin, he directed them to the cliff." Huppke, USA Today.
  7. Chef Andres and the World Central Kitchen are on the scene and feeding earthquake survivors and first responders. He is a saint!!
  8. Here's the deal: Christian spirituality has extraordinary impact and influence in our world for peace, harmony, love, compassion, justice, human solidarity, and spiritual awakening... IF… You let go of the following concepts: That Christianity is the only true religion That the Bible
  9. A Letter To Republicans

    Dear Republicans, It’s apparent to many that you need some guidance. You let poo-throwing monkeys into your circus tent, because they were eager and you needed them for short-term gains. You coddled them; you enabled them. You dog-whistled to them on the regular. You defended them
  10. Andrew Clyde is a despicable scumbag, a treasonous sh*thead, a deplorable coward, & a real fu*king asshole. This sick fu*k owns a gun store, so it’s no wonder he’s passing out AR-15 pins to the GOP death cult. Don’t expect any gun reform legislation out of that depraved psycho.
  11. A HS student to their TX school board, which is banning books: “I’m not going to sit here and talk about the slippery slope that book banning leads to because I learned from a book, that I checked out from my school’s library, that I don’t need to resort to logical fallacy to make
  12. The Rich Are Really Scared.

    Reading this today - and remembering a conversation I listened to on a podcast this weekend (I can’t remember which) gave me an epiphany. The conversation dealt with the fact that the government’s monetary response to the pandemic involved a major shift. Instead of propping up ba
  13. This is essential reading to gain understanding of the extent and causation of the problem.
  14. Bolstering Social Security

    We can solve the Social Security solvency problem without lifting the limit on employees. As it’s currently constructed, companies have a disincentive to give raises to those who fall below the thresh
  15. Question for the Accounting Experts We know that the FICA tax is capped on earnings above $160,200 on employees. Do employers continue paying the tax on income above this limit? Or, do they stop payi
  16. Great information.
  17. I try to follow those who follow me. I follow others because I find their thoughts interesting - whether they follow back or not. This isn’t the lunch table game in high school.
  18. Judge them - not about what they cut/paste into a post - but, rather, by what they do or don’t do when it matters.

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