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Twitter refugee. Formerly Leetesgirl2@MitziforPelosi Lifelong Democrat and ANTIFA member. LGBTQ ally.

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  1. I remember thinking the same thing when I saw this photo.
  2. This!!!!
  3. Karma is coming!!
  4. New Year, NEW indictments! Brand new Legal AF LIVE tonight at 8pm ET / 5pm PT!!
  5. Happy New Year, friends!!! May we be blessed with good health, peace, happiness, and justice. Love to all!! Rindy
  6. Joe is awesome.
  7. Why is he allowed to become a MOC???
  8. We're in PA for the week. No one here is talking about it.
  9. Aaron's HERE!!!
  10. Something we have in common with the Russians, apparently.
  11. A friend on Twitter just reminded me that when Covid tests are shipped during freezing weather their efficacy can be affected if they're left in your mailbox too long Last year I asked a neighbor to gr
  12. Insurrectionists of Congress
  13. Anytime there’s a barrage of new folks, I try to give a primer to help get them started quickly. It’s easy for those of us who have been here awhile to forget that Post feels very foreign to new folks
  14. Part 1 of this series was such an unexpected hit—it seems like people really appreciated it—that I thought I would move to Part 2 much earlier than I had anticipated. If you check out the “Following” l
  15. Well worth the read
  16. Junior
  17. Where would these beautiful kids be today? The dreams, the hopes, the smiles that passed that day.
  18. Thanks, Teri.

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