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I’m here because, twitter has become total chaos.

Work in logistics. DJ for fun. Living each day as if it my last. For one day it will be.

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  1. David Pecker has the goods on Donald Trump. Notice how Trump isn't talking 💩 about Pecker.
  2. Supreme Court January 6 Immunity Hearing Today

    So the phony Supreme Court is to hear arguments today about whether or not ex-President Donald Trump has immunity from the January 6 shenanigans. I'm going to say they will agree he has immunity and setting us up for a repeat when he loses in November. God bless America.

    I was watching comedian Christopher Titus on his YouTube channel. ChristopherTitusTV. This clip is from 9 days ago. He nails it when it comes to Trump and the MAGA cult.
  4. I just watched The Don Lemon Show with Elon Musk. Wow!

    Twitter was a place for immediate news. Now that it's become “X,” it's a mixed bag of misinformation and news—mostly like right-leaning platforms nowadays. It's incredible how Elon claims it is a platform for both sides and views. However, users know it's a complete disaster. I w
  5. Save Democracy

    I'm not surprised anymore by the things this man is saying. Insurrectionists are hostages and true patriots. If he doesn't win, there's going to be a bloodbath. Day one, he's going to round people up and send them back because it's not fair to the blacks and latinos already here.

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