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  1. This is fucking bullshit. Fuck the Biden admin.
  2. It would be neat if it snowed ever again
  3. Just how far right is #MD01 Andy Harris?
  4. #BillsMafia came to donate to Lamar's charity. It is only right that #RavensFlock return the favor:
  5. We are all #BillsMafia tonight
  6. $5.49 for a dozen store brand eggs. #inflation #corporate #greed
  7. Why don't we just add more cops. That will solve the problem surely
  8. Oh no! Anyway
  9. Russia shitting bricks rn
  10. A welcome addition! #aviation #free #wifi
  11. Well this explains why my entire family has been sick since mid November with a carousel of viral infections.
  12. Absolutely insane that one of these clowns could be the next speaker of the house. The third person from the presidency. Insane.
  13. Do not ever buy a house with skylights.
  14. There’s a Reason There Aren’t Enough Teachers in America. Many Reasons, Actually. Teachers are not only burnt out and undercompensated, they are also demoralized. They are being asked to do things in t
  15. One of the more exiting developments in aviation is Regional Air Mobility (RAM). This is an operating model gaining traction in the aviation industry. The NASA report "Regional Air Mobility: Leveragin
  16. A "cesspool of interaction" is a great description of elon-chan
  17. CPI Numbers are Misleading

    CPI for November was "only" 7.1%. Meanwhile the important things still increased. Food +0.5% Shelter +0.6% Those continue to rise at ~6% YoY rate. Unsustainable, and not improving. #inflation #finance #cpi
  18. #CPI over / under 7.9%?
  19. Fascinating

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