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Seeking old and new friends.

The western Mid-West, U.S.

Liberal introvert using my words to talk about what matters. I have a blog. There are others like it but this one is mine. Chronologically seasoned; past statute of limitations on maturity. Deeply married. LGBTQ Ally πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ.

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  3. Twitter is 16 years, 9 months old . Mastodon is 6 years, 9 months old . Post is 5 weeks old. We are in the very (very) earliest days of a beta platformβ€”the entire lifespan of Post can’t even be measured in
  4. Always and forever...
  5. Dan Rather is my late-life crush.
  6. It seems fitting that my first original post here would come from my blog. So by way of introduction, of sorts, kind of...
  7. Same...

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