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ray of sun, son of ray, and rei of son.

Marfa, TX

Artist, Father to scientists, Ally, Jack of All Trades. The hardest working volunteer you’ll ever meet.

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  1. And I’m sure it’ll be much more satisfying for her than the first time.
  2. I sincerely hope everyone has realized how incredibly important state judicial elections are now.
  3. I hate sharing twitter links, but this is big. Here’s RFK’ NY campaign manager giving away the game… it’s all to help trump. Spread this around.
  4. I hate sharing twitter links, but this is big. Here’s RFK’ NY campaign manager giving away the game… it’s all to help trump. Spread this around.
  5. This is a good question… and I think I can give at least a partial answer as to why there’s a disconnect. Indulge me. I’m a trader… I trade stocks. I’ve been a trader for about 35 years… and the markets can provide some key insight with regard to this question…. Let me explain. Lat
  6. This is important… and the takeaway is simple… Biden has more support from the democratic base than trump has from the Republican base… that difference of 11% is basically the difference between a narrow win and a landslide… and it’s not a coincidence that Democrats have over per
  7. Because they don’t want to. They get to choose. That’s how capitalism works, dumbass.
  8. Derp. If you multiply any number by 3 and then multiply by three again, you’re basically multiplying the number by nine, and so the result will be a multiple of nine, and any multiple of nine has a unique characteristic… that the sum of its digits always equals nine, or with larg
  9. This is a perfect answer. We atheists don’t help others because god told us to… we do it because it’s right.
  10. No. It’s not. Four minutes of darkness will not effect our solar power supply… not even a tiny bit. Who comes up with these dumbass stories?
  11. Hype never lasts.

    Thus begins Musk’s slow descent into oblivion. His wealth was all hype to begin with. Here’s a little example that will make the point… The average annual revenue of Ford is about $170 billion. Based on the current price of Ford stock, the company has a market valuation of about $
  12. So glad I already canceled my #Peacock subscription… and I guess the rock has every right to destroy his “acting” career. He can join Sorbos and Voight in the trash heap… it won’t be long before he’s complaining about being canceled too. Oh well. Ruining your career is your right
  13. Why ten days? Any company on the face of the planet can produce a current financial statement in minutes. Stop the delays.
  14. Lol. This was dated 3/26, the day trump’s scam stock hit it’s highest level. It’s now trading at half that price. Poor Tim just lost half his money. ETTD, yet again.
  15. Attn: MTG If this is a warning like you say, I think we should all pay attention.
  16. Elon Musk has never built anything himself. Not once. Not ever. The only thing he’s ever designed is the cyber truck, which is perhaps the most poorly designed vehicle in the history of automobiles… but yeah, let’s let him tell us how to build a bridge.
  17. Seems like netanyahu is trying to create a wider conflict… why bomb a consulate… why target aid workers? He’s actually creating sympathy for Iran. He needs to be removed yesterday.
  18. April 20, 2025 will be both Easter and Hitler’s birthday. It’s an insult to all god fearing Americans! Why did Joe Biden do this?
  19. I’m pleased to report that truth social stock is down 21% today… losing about $1.5 billion in market value… so far. It’s still dropping.
  20. In eight years, republicans have gone from denying Russian collusion, to condoning Russian collusion, to embracing Russian collusion. Next step… they will commit outright treason to justify the actions of their nominee, while claiming that Russia was never our enemy.

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