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  1. #FoundAPenny on our afternoon walk. $0.60 found so far in 2024.
  2. Kurt Meyer: The former president's language is extremely dangerous in our country at this time, especially the word bloodbath.
  3. Removed the paywall from our piece on Missouri Republicans' total war on Planned Parenthood, so check it out if you wanted to read last week but aren't a subscriber (but please sign up if you appreciate independent journalism like this!)
  4. Blooms from two of my mom's amaryllis bulbs. We have another bulb that my grandfather brought from the 1904 World's Fair and it passed down from my grandmother through my mom.
  5. What is better than finding a penny? $0.59 found so far in 2024. #FoundAQuarter
  6. Missouri we have a gun problem... 😥 You're breaking my heart. 💔
  7. By Ziyad Al-Aly, Washington University in St. Louis From the very early days of the pandemic, brain fog emerged as a significant health condition that many experience after COVID-19. Brain fog is a colloquial term that describes a state of mental sluggishness or lack of clarity and
  8. Powerful short documentary featuring three Ukranian students studying now at the University of Missouri.
  9. Really powerful interview with Joseph thing I've listened to a long, long time.
  10. I'll be interested in learning more about this new Ohio college...
  11. By Scott Galloway Last week’s quarterly flogging of tech executives made for good theater. It’s a show meant to make us feel something before we return to our lives. American media soon pivoted to something more important and more American, money. Meta announced earnings on Feb. 1
  12. Don't normalize any of it. Ever.
  13. National, legacy media: Start asking questions--deep, probing, uncomfortable questions--of state lawmakers about updating our venal gun laws. Publish what they say. Do that every day for two years. Be relentless. Haunt them at every stage of their legislative cycle. We won't see c
  14. Oh, my.... @sarahkendzior , powerful...
  15. Another beautiful afternoon, another lovely hike. We circled Little Dixie Lake on the boundary trail #Missouri #trails #ConservationAreas #hikes
  16. Lovely afternoon for a walk yesterday at Gans Creek Wild Area in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park near Columbia, MO. #hiking #Missouri #StateParks
  17. I’ve “known” Joe Biden for over 50 years. As a Philadelphian, Joe was my third Senator. A classmate of mine produced a PA show on WHYY and if she lost a guest, she would call Joe and see if he would stay on the train for one more stop and do her show. He always did. He took the t
  18. Yes, the value in any chief executive has nothing to do with instant word recall, but it's in judgment and decision-making. Part of that judgment is surrounding himself with the best experts as advisers, including those who will challenge him, knowing it helps to sharpen his judg

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