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A dilettante amateur political science and legal theory bird who lives in the US Pacific Northwest. If you want to know what I think, try my blogs at and I’ve also been known to write about science fiction, computing, and design.

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  1. Now that the initial shock of the disaster has passed, it's time to say that most of those buildings in Turkey and Syria did not have to collapse - they did so because their construction was inadequate. #t urkey
  2. Living with Covid - mitigation measures.

    (Original over on my blog. It would be really nice if supported Markdown.) So covid is here, perhaps to stay. What do we have to do to control and survive it? If these steps are undertaken, I
  3. Musk, Thiel, Fascist Revolution

    When people as rich and powerful as Elon Musk and Peter Thiel support terrorism, it isn't terrorism anymore – it's revolution. And our leaders still don't seem to understand the danger.
  4. oh, man, the possibilities for impersonation.
  5. So, who was implicated?

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