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Public Defender, Bill of Rights Enforcer, Progressive a bit left of left Focusing on Appalachia I have lived all my life in Kentucky, long enough to see it slide backward from solid progressive blue to solid regressive red. I don’t care for the politics that surround me, but I do live near Lexington, which is a brilliant azure island (along with Louisville) in the middle of a deep crimson ocean. Our area is among the best in the nation for respect and support for LGBTQ+ culture and rights, as but one example. What I am focusing on for the most part at Post are the left and beautiful sides of Appalachia - photography (mine and others), progressive news, music, society and culture. Although I now live in the flatlands, I come from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. My descendants are all from there through many generations. I’ll post about them as well. Appalachia gets a bad rap and long has in America. Most recently, JD Vance, and his atrocious “Hillbilly Elegy,” exacerbated the bad and dishonest portrayals of Appalachia. We have been exploited and misrepresented for centuries here, to a large degree by corporations greedy for our resources. I’ll be posting more about this as time passes, but you might want to read Elizabeth Catte’s excellent “What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia” and “Appalachian Reckoning,” a book of essays directly responding to Vance’s travesty. I hope you read my posts. Perhaps you’ll learn some things you never knew and don’t know now about the rich and historic world of the Appalachian Mountains.

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  1. Great new song by Old Crow Medicine Show about the scourge of guns. The arts can move culture. We need more of this.
  2. #Photography #PostPhotography #Paris
  3. A tale of a witch and her evil alter ego. #Appalachia #folklore #folktales #northcarolina The Black Cat
  4. Hatred and Lies, the Right’s Demise?

    "It is a lesson nearly as old as time itself: Those whose passions are inflamed—and Trump supporters are nothing if not perennially inflamed—are drawn to destruction. 'Rage and phrenzy will pull down more in a half an hour, than prudence, deliberation, and foresight can build up
  5. #Photography #PostPhotography #Paris #MuseedOrsay
  6. “… [W]hat’s less well appreciated is how much the incidence of deadly violence generally – and gun violence in particular – varies by region. It’s as if we live in separate countries, some of which have gun violence profiles that look like Canada’s, others that resemble the Phili
  7. Gun Violence Is Worse in Red States. It’s Not Even Close.
  8. We tend to think of the country as red and blue, but that applies to only about half of us.
  9. Hong Kong #HongKong #Photography #PostPhotography
  10. Eleuthera, Bahamas #Bahamas #Eleuthera #Photography #PostPhotography
  11. “As country fans have looked beyond Nashville, there has been a boom of talent in the region, or maybe it is just that Appalachia is finally receiving its due attention.”
  12. Happy Sunday, especially to all the houses of worship building a #CleanEnergy future! Via ReImagine Appalachia -- thanks! #faithandclimateaction #creationcare #ClimateEmergency
  13. Republicans Determined to Destroy Democracy

    “Republicans are responding with an asymmetrical civil war against democracy, constantly looking for the weak points to deploy their IEDs of autocracy, determined to blow up the American Experiment if that’s what it takes to retain power by any means necessary.”

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