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  1. This work stuff is cutting into my nap time......
  2. Achievement unlocked
  3. I have been watching sport since 10am. It was a good day.
  4. Lucky me. Look what I found
  5. The whole world holds its breath.
  6. Which team is worse? The one that gave up 33 in the first half- or the one that gave up 36 in the second?
  7. There are no words. Epic choke. #NFL
  8. Atlas Lions!!!!
  9. Well. I guess.
  10. Trevor Noah on Netflix. Amazing.
  11. The one game a year where everyone from Michigan comes together to hate on Ohio
  12. This game is going to kill me…
  13. Go Blue
  14. Ok. That was worthwhile game to watch.
  15. OK it’s definitely beta. It seems more intuitive them some of the others.
  16. Time to test drive another pretty new tool.

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