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Permabanned from Twitter for tracking ✈️

I track interesting aircraft currently in flight. Creator of the RadarAtlas chrome extension which makes it fun and easy to track the world's most interesting aircraft. Get it here:

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  1. POTUS' Family inbound PHX for Super Bowl LVII

    EXEC1F inbound Phoenix According to wikipedia, if the president's family members are aboard, but not the president himself, the flight can, at the discretion of the White House staff or Secret Service, use the callsign Executive One Foxtrot EXEC1F. "Foxtrot" is the phonetic alphab
  2. Final 747 delivery flight in the air right now

    The final Boeing 747 ever to roll off the assembly line has taken to the skies in incredible fashion en route to Atlas Air, the carrier that ordered this airframe. After leaving Boeing Field, the pilots drew a "747" with a crown truly marking the Queen of the Skies. You can track
  3. Atlanta storm in relation to the airport

    The storm in #Atlanta has the #ATL airport essentially shut down. No planes in, no planes out. Everyone is just grounded. Normally you'd see 2 planes landing and taking off every few seconds. Fulton a
  4. Aircraft monitoring US Navy veteran Taylor Dudley's release in Kaliningrad

    I just read on CNN that a #USNavy veteran was released from Russian custody today in #Kaliningrad . There were some interesting aircraft monitoring #TaylorDudley 's release from the skies above: US Air
  5. Marc Benioff: 63,000 Miles in 60 Days

    Salesforce is joining other tech giants by laying off 8,000 people from its workforce. At the helm of Salesforce is Marc Benioff. Benioff owns a 2019 Gulfstream G650 - #N650HA - that travels frequentl
  6. Extradition planes - Murder vs Fraud

    Here's a very brief look at the planes used to extradite recent front page news criminals. The difference is stark. Sam Bankman-Fried - white collar criminal accused of fraud and many other banking cr
  7. Where's your favorite billionaire this day before Christmas Eve? Let's look at their ✈️

    Where's your favorite billionaire this day before Christmas Eve? Let's take a look by tracking the last movements of their private jets, shall we? Larry Page - N813QS - New Zealand https://globe.adsbex
  8. Zuckerberg's many trips to Hawaii in the past 2 months

    Since November 1, 2022, Mark Zuckerberg's airplane - #N68885 - has flown back and forth between California and Hawaii XXX times: November 7th to Hawaii; November 8th back to California November 11th to
  9. Is Zelensky about to enter US airspace?

    Zelensky is supposedly about to make a US visit tomorrow. I looked into the flights he could be on. I think he's aboard SAM860. More details in this writeup here: #zelensky #Sam860 #Ukraine
  10. Saudi Arabian aircraft filters now in RadarAtlas Chrome Extension

    With news of Elon Musk (#N628TS) hanging out with Jared #Kushner at the World Cup and further oddness with the Kushner Companies taking a massive investment from the Saudis, I decided to create a coup
  11. Coca Cola N982RW leaving Qatar

    The Coca-Cola company is about to land in the London area for a fuel layover as they make their way back to the states after departing Doha for the World Cup final match. #N982RW flew to Qatar a few d
  12. RadarAtlas Chrome Extension walk through

    Tonight I fixed a couple things with the RadarAtlas chrome extension . I don't think I've made a Post about this specifically yet, so now's a good time. I started this project in October 2020. I had a
  13. Jared Kushner tied to N1826K

    I've been searching most of today for a connection between Jared Kushner and Elon Musk - to try to find when they would have met up in Doha for the World Cup. In the search, I utilized the ADSBExchang
  14. Evan Spiegel #N2E is outbound Doha after the World Cup final match. Click this link to track the plane:
  15. Evan Spiegel (Snapchat) getting ready to leave Qatar

    It looks like Evan Spiegel (Snapchat) has summoned his jet from Abu Dhabi as he prepares to depart the World Cup final in Qatar. #N2E Track this aircraft here:
  16. Ken Griffin (Citadel) attends World Cup final?

    It appears Ken Griffin (Citadel) could possibly be in Qatar for the World Cup final match. #N68KP flew from MIA -> Qatar and then on to Abu Dhabi. That last leg is likely for aircraft storage. Trackin
  17. RadarAtlas perma-banned from Twitter

    I guess this is final. @RadarAtlas is permanently banned from Twitter. Repeat violations they say. Let’s be clear here: if I drive down a road at 65 miles per hour today and the speed limit is changed
  18. Billionaire former Googler leaves Moffett Federal Airfield

    Life is good when you're a billionaire who has worked in early stages of Amazon and Google. This is the plane that belongs to Kavitark Ram Shriram. Worth $2.7B, Ram Shriram seems to house his jet #N510QS
  19. Cowboys' N1DC on the move

    Someone from the Dallas Cowboys football organization is outbound from Dallas, likely to Florida ahead of Sunday's game against the Jaguars. #N1DC Tracking link here:
  20. Zuckerberg back to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui)

    Mark Zuckerberg's plane #N68885 flew to Kauai today where he owns tons of land. Then after that it flew to Maui. I assume for dinner or some kind of short term excursion. It has been on the ground in

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