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Just another news addict fleeing Twitter

Morning news producer turned nonprofit health communications/pr professional. Fan of reality tv competition shows, especially Survivor. Opinions are my own. Go high. She/Her. πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™

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  1. Never did one of these before, but it was fun!
  2. I explained to my kids that our level of Eagles fandom is called β€œbandwagon jumpers” and a few days later they asked β€œWhat are we called again? People who jump on the bus?” Anyway, go Eagles!
  3. Traitors

    I only just realized this new show will be featuring both Alan Cummings AND Cirie Fields?!?!?! I'll need a crash course on the non-Survivor people, of course. Happy to share info about Cirie (self-des
  4. Lots of great info here!
  5. The other cat got jealous he missed the picture post. He knows a thing or two about napping with style, as well.
  6. If I’ve got a new site to break in, I guess that means posting pictures of the cat.

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