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Dogmom, Oak Openings Natives, Caretaker, Occational procrastinator


Average Midwesterner,GenXer, and Dogmom. A moderate of most of life. Doing my best to "keep on, keepin' on". My superpower is simply trying to be a good person to myself and those around me. -- We are living through a revolt against the future. The future will prevail. ~Anand Giridharadas

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  1. The Inn was Open

    I weep with my heart filled every time I think of #CraigElston at #C&CCutzbarbershop . The Inn was open on this Christmas eve because of this man's heart. (NPR Link) (TikTok Link)
  2. One of my favorite accounts, sorting through so many details and laying it out to see... So glad @what46hasdone is on Post!
  3. She usually prefers being naked.. But it's so cold we had to add an extra layer #DogsofPost #SubZero #PostPitties
  4. Of course he did <3
  5. Whoa
  6. Good things to remember
  7. Lol too true
  8. Great Guide for Post. It really covers so much!! thank you, @Becca.. and hope this helps some one else!
  9. Please use PascalCase (every word is capitalized) per @jennahatfield 's post below.👇 #PostTips #Accessibility #PostTags #PascalCase #Hashtags
  10. Hi Posters, I wanted to give an update and lay out our plans for the next few weeks. So where are we? Since launch [ONLY] 30 days ago: The waitlist has over 610K users, of them: 309K have been invited and
  11. Getting ready for the coming snow and celebrating the peaceful morning before jumping into the pressure of the holidays. #Oakopenings #Oaksavana #OhioMornings
  12. No one will every mention me in a post- but for those of you that this is important... great #PostTip!!!! Create a post. Add #username to create a hashtag. Click it. It opens a page with a star at th
  13. Ok- this made truly laugh out loud....
  14. Good Morning
  15. The Post team is working on this! #PostTips
  16. You probably already follow @Becca , but if you dont check out her feed. She's helpful (for my newbie self), funny, and a good read
  17. One of the major fears I have about Putin ...
  18. Buckling Up for the Turbulence

    The past 36 hours my feed has changed. My first week on Post was serene, relaxing and hopeful. The explore tab was inspiring with the kind, thoughtful and eye-opening posts. The past few days, it's bee
  19. Water fall
  20. Lottie is wishing us all a fabulous week! #dogsofPost #rescuedogsofPost #LovemyPittie #LottieDottieDale

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