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Chris Rae


Car Racer/Spreadsheet Nerd

I race $500 cars and make strange Excel videos.

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  1. Today I learned that that Chupacabra means "suck goats"
  2. Today had already been a bad day as far as computers went, but at 1pm this afternoon I was but an innocent child
  3. I just discovered that the BBC is available in Pidgin and this might be my favourite thing ever.
  4. I fed the lyrics of "Windmills of Your Mind" to the Midjourney AI image generation engine and it made some things.
  5. When archaeologists excavate my home in a thousand years, they're probably going to think that the thing I was most interested in was micro-USB cables.
  6. While all the other phone manufacturers managed to fit their front-facing cameras in a tiny pinhole gap, Apple instead decided to black out an enormous oval section out of the top of the screen, call

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