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Literacy is a human right 📚

Wife, Mom of 2 kids and 3 rescue pups. Associate Orton-Gillingham Academy

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  1. Saw this pillow on a #goldengirls fb page and I’m obsessed! #estellegetty
  2. Almost time for the airing of grievances!
  3. Betty is just the sweetest girl. This is one of my favorite photos of her. From wandering the streets of NC and going to a shelter… to being spoiled rotten and loving lake life. #adoptdontshop
  4. The face of pure relaxation 😴
  5. Betty snoozing her way through the giants game. Not a bad idea.
  6. This is an outrage! Literacy is a human right! NY residents, please reach out to the governor’s office to make your feelings known!
  7. Little full… lotta sap! We love it!

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