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  1. We agree, World Health Organization! #Mask Up to protect yourselves and those around you. #Covid
  2. Are you searching for a nonprofit to donate to before the year ends? We've got you covered. In case you haven't heard PTF is now an official nonprofit org. Help us continue to advocate for #Protection
  3. Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! We hope you are helping to keep yourself and those around you safe. #MaskUp
  4. Thank you, @FLOTUS & @POTUS for putting #ProtectionOverPolitics and wearing masks on your recent visit to a children's hospital. Everyone should follow your example & #MaskUp to protect themselves & th
  5. Want to make a difference? WE NEED YOUR HELP: Health leaders are not prioritizing children during tridemic crisis, but YOU can help change that! Here's how: #ProtectionOverPolitics

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