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Working in TV, fascinated by culture

Brooklyn, NY

I work in streaming TV and like to keep up to date on things. “It feels like the time is right for a truly universal timeline.” - More active over at these days.

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  1. #Trees #Carbon #Solar
  2. #QHIQ is all corruption all the time. The EPA OK'ed fracking in State parks and the State House if full of people taking million dollar bribes. #Q HIQ is the most corrupt state in the Union.
  3. This would be a hard 'I am not a robot' test 😄😄
  4. Gun safety for me but not for thee
  5. 🙏
  6. #AI #Disinformation
  7. Zelensky, in his combat clothes, at Westminster Hall
  8. Librarian humor.
  9. A trolley ran across Brooklyn Bridge from 1908 until 1950 #NYC #NYChistory
  10. The gulf between the true state of the economy and the public’s perception of it is growing — Paul Krugman
  11. #AI
  12. On TV and on social media and in state legislatures, fossil fuel lobbies are running an all out campaign to try to trick you into thinking they aren't bad for the environment. Don't fall for it.
  13. AppleTV+ Sets Premiere Date for Limited Series The Last Thing He Told Me Starring Jennifer Garner and Angourie Rice
  14. AppleTV+ Slots Premiere Date for New Anthology Extrapolations Created by Scott Z. Burns
  15. Nobody tells me I can't go outside.

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