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Minnesota, United States

I write. I read. I teach. I tech.

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  1. Just heard an ad for jeans that are "made for men by men" as though that isn't everything everywhere
  2. What do you think? A child's straying off the path or a dog's? Alt text: narrow snow path in the woods with an arced offshoot #Hiking #MNHiking #WinterHiking
  3. Get fash, stock crash or See, 2022 wasn't all bad Elon Musk Becomes First Person Ever to Lose $200 Billion
  4. And that's a wrap on work for 2022! Time to snuggle in with some good TV and good books for the next few days.
  5. Definitely tipping and sharing esp since it's accessible! Thank you, Tara!
  6. At least once every winter, dry weather seems to cause blood vessels to burst in one of my eyes. So today's look is "freak out all the young children" (since I work at an elementary school). Ha.
  7. Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with December?

    As a person who celebrates Christmas, I kind of love the stuff around celebrating the holiday, but I also think, why does EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE have to revolve around it? I don't know how non-celebrat
  8. Are accessibility features in place for Post yet? Because that's sort of what's been keeping me from starting up any engagement here.
  9. If anyone is interested in learning #Ukrainian it’s free on Pimsleur for a year. App or web conversation learning.

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