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The Presidencies of the United States

The Presidencies of the United States is a podcast devoted to exploring presidential history from the founding of the office in 1789 on through the present day. I plan to take a systematic approach to both the people and the events that have shaped and reshaped each administration and the office in general.

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  1. SATT 025 - John Armstrong Jr

    I've been reading a good bit about this guy lately preparing for the episode on the burning of Washington. Learn more about John Armstrong's role in this fiasco by listening to his two-part Seat at the Table episode. #history #Warof1812 #Madison
  2. On This Date in 1803: US Minister to Britain

    Sec of State Madison wrote to diplomats James Monroe and Robert Livingston #OTD in 1803 about the upcoming vacancy as US Minister to Britain and requested for one of them to fill the post. Learn why there was such urgency in this by listening to ep 3.19!
  3. SATT 027.1 - Richard Rush Part One

    A new Seat at the Table episode is now available! Join me and my special guest, Alycia from Civics & Coffee, as we explore the early life and career of the youngest man to date to serve as Attorney General, Richard Rush of Pennsylvania! #history #Rush #PA
  4. Seat at the Table 008 - Charles Lee

    Slight delay in the release of the next episode - my apologies for that! While you're waiting, hope you'll check out this episode about the Attorney General that you hard-"lee" knew was on the job - Charles Lee (no, not that Charles Lee). #history
  5. On This Date in 1743: Thomas Jefferson

    ICYMI, today is the anniversary of Jefferson's birth. There are 43 (plus a Seat at the Table and a VPOTUS) episodes on him available for you to listen to this weekend to learn more about this complicated man. Hope you'll check it out! #OTD #Jefferson #POTUS #history
  6. Interview with Talmage Boston

    While I'm working on the next episode, be sure to check out the latest episode if you haven't already to hear the fascinating discussion I had with Talmage Boston about the leadership traits of eight of the most successful presidents. #POTUS #history
  7. President Cleveland's Secret Surgery

    While waiting for the next episode of Presidencies to launch, check out my recent appearance on the Poor Historians Podcast to discuss President Grover Cleveland's secret yacht surgery. He's notable for more than his non-consecutiveness! #history #POTUS
  8. National Pet Day: Luna

    We here at Presidencies HQ heard that today was National Pet Day, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to honor our Head Cat in Charge, Luna. She's brought so much joy to our lives since we adopted her last year and can only hope she says the same about us! #NationalPetDay
  9. On This Date in 1799: Henry and Lucretia Clay

    Henry Clay and Lucretia Hart were married #OTD in 1799. Learn more about Clay and his first brief tenure in the US Senate in the early part of Madison's presidency by listening to ep. 4.15! #HenryClay #history #POTUS #Madison
  10. Seat at the Table 023 - William Pinkney

    While I put the finishing touches on the next Seat at the Table episode on Madison's third Attorney General, check out the episode on his predecessor, William Pinkney, and find out why a critic called Pinkney "a notorious sloven". #history #POTUS
  11. SATT 026 - George W Campbell

    As I put the finishing touches on Part One of the next Seat at the Table episode, be sure to check out the latest episode if you haven't already to learn more about the unfortunate 5th Secretary of the Treasury, George Washington Campbell of TN. #history
  12. On This Date in 1793: Citizen Genêt

    A new French Minister to the US, Edmond-Charles Genêt, arrived in Charleston, SC #OTD in 1793. Learn more about Genêt's diplomatic mission and the headaches that he gave the Washington administration by listening to ep. 1.15! #history #POTUS #Washington
  13. Interview with Talmage Boston, How the Best Did It

    A new episode is now available! Listen to my conversation with Talmage Boston about his new book outlining the leadership traits of eight of the most successful US presidents and how we can adopt those qualities ourselves. #history #POTUS
  14. Ep. 4.30 - We Have Met the Enemy

    A new episode is headed your way tomorrow! Until then, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the latest episode of the Madison presidency series to learn how American forces in the old Northwest were able to finally turn the tide in 1813. #history
  15. Nature and Presidencies

    This month's free newsletter is now available! Check it out, and if you'd like it delivered directly to your email each month, be sure to hit the "Subscribe" button at the bottom. #history #POTUS
  16. On This Date in 1792: The First Presidential Veto

    President Washington used the chief executive's veto power for the first time #OTD in 1792. Find out more about the bill that he vetoed and his reasoning behind it by listening to ep. 1.20! #history #POTUS1 #Washington
  17. On This Date in 1841: William Henry Harrison

    Today's a notable day for fans of the lesser known presidents. #OTD in 1841, William Henry Harrison passed away, earning a notoriety that he retains to this day: the president with the shortest tenure of office (31 days). #history #POTUS9 #Harrison #WHH
  18. On This Date in 1812: Embargo

    President Madison signed a bill into law #OTD in 1812 enacting a 90 day embargo on trade with Great Britain. Learn more about the role this embargo played in the lead-up to war by listening to ep. 4.19. #history #POTUS4 #Madison
  19. On This Date in 1798: The XYZ Affair

    As requested by Democratic-Republicans, #OTD in 1798, President Adams released the correspondence of peace envoys revealing that French officials had requested bribes from them. Learn more about what came to be known as the XYZ Affair by listening to ep. 2.08! #history

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