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Private sector economic advisor. Author of the upcoming book “Cleared for the Option: A Year Learning to Fly”. Soon to be found on

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  1. Trump was the most amazingly effective President ever - better than Washington and Lincoln! - but simultaneously had absolutely no control over what the FBI, DOD, CDC, etc. were doing. That was the li
  2. Well, well, well ... some of you look familiar.
  3. Also need threads. Also show the menu on the left all the time (not need to click) @feedback
  4. Here's what Post needs to do: provide a tool that lets you import your Twitter contacts and tries to match them as well as possible. You have to be able to run it whenever you want as more people sign
  5. Forget it, Jake. It's Elon Town.
  6. Nice to see you here. If you've been following me on Twitter, give me a follow here as well.

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