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  1. #art #photography
  2. On this day in history, 183 years ago, March 9, 1841, the United States Supreme Court reached its decision in the case of “United States v. The Amistad.” In 1839, 53 captives from Mendiland (now Sierra Leone), Africa, who were being shipped aboard the “Amistad” to Cuba to be sold
  3. Fast approaching middle age

    #movies After a Feb. 7 premiere Universal Pictures released '80s teen flick The Breakfast Club in cinemas across the U.S. on February 15, 1985.
  4. #photography #literature “And I guess how you live matters more than how long you live." Padma Venkatraman, The Bridge Home
  5. #StillHere Street #art depicts young #NativeAmerican activist holding picture of Wampanoag and Narragansett tribal elder Princess Red Wing.
  6. #photography #art
  7. Two Rhode Islanders diverged and so too, went the American colonies.
  8. Beavertail Lighthouse (Rhode Island) in the fog #photography
  9. cui bono?
  10. I got Shorty.

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