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Hoosier at heart living in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

...taking a wait and see approach to Twitter.

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  1. If you’re ordering shots of jager and you’re over the age of 40. It’s a cry for help. A wellcheck is necessary. #mentalhealth
  2. Hey Apple Watch, it was WM Open/Super Bowl week. Relax a bit, bro.
  3. Why should #Indiana look to pass recreational marijuana? Here’s the tax revenue for 2023 in Arizona and where it went. 📸: 12News
  4. Kinda enjoy this “plug and play” pre-mixed old fashioned by Handy & Schiller using Buffalo Trace Distillery whiskey. 🥃
  5. It's #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay . Which one are you picking up first? 🍪
  6. #Hijack : The last episode sort of crash-landed. Too many storylines not tied off.
  7. I dunno. Kinda thought the shrub would be a Busch guy? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hopefully, your Monday doesn't capsize. #CanoeDay
  9. S2E6 "Fishes" of The Bear on FX is the most compelling television I've ever watched and Succession ended like 20mins ago. Plz support #WGAStrike b/c ain't no way AI could write the drama around that dinner table or a high-rise board room. @kentremendous
  10. Me on my way to save the billionaires from drowning hoping I get a reward! 😆💰💰💰
  11. Couples watching a streaming show CANNOT watch a just released episode alone if one partner is traveling. This rule is binding. Exemptions include: NFL Sunday ticket, falling asleep mid-watch, poop emergencies.
  12. It's National Superman Day and remember the opportunities to be a little bit "Super" are limitless, just get out there and help your fellow man! Christopher Reeve is the only Superman for this guy.
  13. Happy #DinasourDay ! My favorite, most treasured, cherished, and best-loved, not yet extinct omnivore.
  14. When Helen became a resident at Brookdale Hagerstown, she told them she had one goal on her bucket list: to hug a lamb. With the help of little Jolene, we are thrilled to see community associates were able to make her dream a reality!
  15. Ever try to open your phone when you’re yawning and it locks ya out. I hate that.
  16. The latest example of Texas just doin' it differently.
  17. #RollTide
  18. Accurate.

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