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Eat the rich


Trying to be a better person than my prior self. Workers are the economy.


Pro Union, Pro Women's Rights, Pro Cannabis. Pro Alternative lifestyles. Let people live however they want to find their happiest selves. Hate greed and rich because it dehumanizes people and prevents human evolution and growth. We can all live well if those with abundance had less and those with not enough had more. Lets save our planet and its people. See how many people and children are food insecure or worse.

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  1. Starting the X-Files from tge begging right now is amazing. Night all.
  2. Im having issues posting a pic. I assume its a size thing. Anyone know the mb size allowed to post a pic?
  3. Free News, Free information.

    News and information should be freely shared. To excpect late capitalism families to pay for news, most of which are biased and owned by wealthy CEOs of large corporations is dissapointing. Inflation
  4. The Trump tax return release is more glaring proof that the U.S. Tax code is bloated with ways for the rich to get richer on the backs of the working class. All parties have been and are complicit in
  5. Alot of Dark Chocolate bars contain heavy metals.
  6. Inflation rate for 2021 and 2022 is 12.84%. So if you did not receive a 13% raise for these combined years you instead got a pay cut.
  7. Inflation Rate for 2022 =Pay cut

    2022 inflation rate from Jan to Nov is currently 8.15%. So if your wages did not reflect a 8.15% increase for the year, then you got a pay cut.
  8. Speak Up, Be Vocal and Intolerant

    I am pro women's rights in every form. I believe that we should be giving a matriarch a try because patriarchs haven't been successful so far (I know not all women are good like MTG). So I told my Bro
  9. The only way to hold rich corporations accountable is for people to unionize and withold labor. We have to do what the culpable goverment refuses to do. #Unionize.
  10. Does post show people i follow replies to posts?
  11. Everyday get your value and be appreciated. If not organize and force change. #Union
  12. The Brett Favre stealing money scandal The Matt Gaetz underage sex scandal Jared Kushner just randomly receiving $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis, for... all his good work or something? The 5 to 15 (can't
  13. Texas spends 2.5 billion on correctional facilties. 21,265 indviduals are incarcerated on cannibis possesion charges only. Abbott can do more.
  14. Getting our owed value.

    I hope all of the working class realize their value and withold it in unison. Solidarity of the working class is the best method to create a healthy middle class. Inflation is an excuse for explotatio
  15. Accountability for politicians needs to happen.

    Abbott is commiting crimes against humanity. These are people seeking a better life. A border and laws are created by man and weaponized by entitled non natives to the united states. He didn't communi
  16. We kinda need a national strike because im getting reamed at the grocery store and really every store.

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