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The GOP is a fascist personality cult.

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  1. The order, first reported by Reuters, will also curb bulk transfers of Americans' geolocation, biometric, health and financial information to specific "countries of concern," including Russia Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.
  2. “Billionaire” Donald Trump.
  3. "It was not the first legal challenge against proxy voting. Former House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sued to end proxy voting in 2020, but a federal court in Washington ruled it did not have the authority to rule on the House’s procedures. The Supreme Court declined to take th
  4. Rosendale has no case against Heitkamp and if he tries to bring one it'll be dismissed immediately.
  5. “To date, there has been no evidence proving Willis hired Wade and renewed his contract specifically to gain a financial benefit through any sort of kickback scheme. And Willis and Wade have both previously testified any expenses were shared equally or reimbursed with cash.”
  6. Hello, police? I'd like to report a murder... 😂

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