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  1. Ep. 166: The Point of Protest Pro-Palestine protests happened over the weekend and the response has been about what you'd expect.
  2. Ep.165: So Many Dumb Things!

    Biden self owns on the border and possibly gifts Trump with $200 Billion dollars! Also, Arizona Supreme Court is giving Alabama's a run for it's money in the Dumbest American Court competition. YT: Podcast:
  3. SIDE NOTE: Klitschko Loves Trump? Mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko, says Trump might be 'good' for Ukraine. It isn't his opinion, it's social media's disgusting response that has me riled up. YT: Podcast:
  4. Ep.164: What's So Hard About This? Trump wobbles on Abortion. Lefties point to hypocrisy. Cons act betrayed. MAGA? They don't care. Also, Trump says he wants immigrants from "nice countries" like Denmark, Switzerland... YT: Podcast:
  5. Ep.163: Biden's Weaknesses Biden threatens conditional aide to Israel and achieves results. What took so long? Also, Biden vs The Supreme Court: Student Loans Pt 2! YouTube: Podcast:
  6. Containment worked during the Cold War against the Soviet Union. China is a completely different nation, in completely different times, and using the same strategy reeks of elder statesmen clamoring for the days "when things made sense".
  7. Ep. 162: What The F***! Supreme Court Grants Fascism A Win YouTube: Podcast:
  8. Ep. 161: War Games Trump talks about ending NATO. How did we get here? Mostly because of George W Bush. YouTube: Podcast:
  9. STEP 1 Invoke The 25th Ep.160 02/09/2024

    STEP 1 Invoke the 25th Ep.160 02/09/2024 If this was Trump you'd be calling for his removal. Memory issues are bad and only going to get worse. YouTube: Podcast:
  10. This is a great article.
  11. Ep. 159: The Border The GOP blew up their own bill in the House and Senate. Biden is catering to the Right's whims. Exploitation of human beings is normal in our system. YouTube: Podcast:
  12. Ep.158: We Are All So Screwed Biden has a bad moment during a press conference. GOP faceplants twice in one day. YouTube: Podcast:
  13. Ep.157: I'm Not Going To Plug For Biden YouTube: Podcast:
  14. Much like going for it on Fourth Down, if this works, Biden is a genius. If it fails, he will have started a chain of events he won't be able to stop until we're all in World War III: With Nukes! Escalating to Deescalate? Is this what our Foreign Policy has devolved into?
  15. "...not only are we helping an ally fight on the front lines of the Free World for our values, we are also boosting the US Military-Industrial Complex and creating jobs, almost a billion dollars to my home state of Massachusetts alone from these Ukraine packages..." -around the 7
  16. Ep.156: Recovery From Biden

    President Biden bombed Ansar Allah in Yemen without Congressional approval. He says he is the champion for Democracy against Trump, but his actions suggest it isn't as black and white as he would have you believe. YouTube: Podcast
  17. Ep.155: John Fetterman Is Not Your Friend

    ..................................................................I was willing to give his blind spot on Gazan civilians a pass, but now he's gone overboard. YouTube: Podcast:
  18. Ep.154: You're Dismissed!

    Joe Biden is a very powerful man who hasn't affected any change. This is why he never should have run for re-election. YouTube: Podcast Audio:
  19. Ep.153: Nice Rights You Have There...

    I discuss the last days of the Voting Rights Act, Nicki Haley's war on TikTok, the House Dems plan to run on Social Security, and the Right's ongoing attacks against Vice President Kamala Harris. Podcast: YouTube :
  20. Ep.152 2016 Part TWO: Electric Boogaloo

    Is TikTok to blame for youth hating Biden? Are these 3rd Party candidates hurting Biden? Is it really Ageism that's hurting Biden? I try and explain what's being missed by the Democratic Establishment. Podcast: YouTube:

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