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My writing and research has been focused on producer-director-writer-actress Ida Lupino, especially on some overlooked aspects of her career.

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  1. Here and hoping to see more #TCMParty folks here. Any #OldHollywood peeps hamging?
  2. Since I must plug tonight’s #NoirAlley movie on TCM, Deep Valley (1947), here is star Ida Lupino behind the scenes on location in the San Bernardino mountains. #TCMParty #TCM
  3. Young Lucy

    April 6, 1935 “FILM CONTRACT WINNERS. These three lucky Hollywood beauties will be coached for stardom by Lela Rogers. The girls won long term contracts at the RKO-Radio studios as a result of their work in ‘Roberta.’ Left to right, they are: Jane Hamilton, Kay Sutton and Lucille
  4. Teresa Wright on the cover of Life magazine, Dec. 1946 #OldHollywood #ClassicFilm #magazines #TeresaWright
  5. Ida Lupino: “Directing keeps you in a constant state of first-night nerves. You may be terrified at first but you must not let it show on the set. Nothing goes according to Hoyle. Reshuffle your schedule. Keep your sense of humor. Don’t panic. I sometimes wonder how anything gets
  6. Optimism at the New Year for 1944: “Happy Victory Year” from Ida Lupino #ClassicHollywood #OldHollywood #WorldWar2 #NewYears #IdaLupino
  7. Dec. 26, 1933: Ida Lupino , film actress, helps Pilot Clarence Robey load an airplane with gifts for Mrs. Alta Bonner and her family of nine children, who live in the middle of the Escalente desert in s
  8. Here are 10 things you should know about Claire Dodd , born 111 years ago today. Her career was brief, but she made her mark in Hollywood as one of the loveliest actresses of the 1930s. #OldMovies #Cla
  9. Judy Garland color portrait in Photoplay, Jan. 1941 #OldHollywood #ClassicHollywood #JudyGarland
  10. Feb. 1950: Syndicated newspaper feature with eight photos of Ida Lupino directing her second independent film, Never Fear , from the fall of 1949. Hollywood has succumbed to the modern woman. The ladies
  11. July 17, 1933: After a year in lead roles in British films, Ida Lupino makes the leap to Hollywood. The caption writer below may have gotten her age wrong (she was 15) but was prophetic about the “ev
  12. Worth trying again
  13. One of my favorite photos of Ida Lupino . This is from the classic High Sierra (1941), co-starring Humphrey Bogart. #ClassicFilm #OldHollywood #IdaLupino
  14. Photoplay magazine pits Bette Davis against Una Merkel — Sep., 1935 Davis: I Think Women Are Awful! Merkel: I Think Women Are Swell! #ClassicHollywood #OldHollywood #BetteDavis
  15. Director Ida Lupino (back row) in a screening room with many of her colleagues working on the film “Hard, Fast and Beautiful” (1951) #ClassicFilm #OldHollywood #IdaLupino #Directors
  16. Behind the scenes on Fifth Avenue Girl (1939), another of my favorite films: Producer-director Gregory LaCava and Ginger Rogers , star of RKO Radio’s ‘Fifth Avenue Girl’, have the time of their lives t
  17. So excited to dive into "Cinema's First Nasty Women " on Kino Lorber Blu-ray! • 99 European and American silent films (1898-1926) w/ all new scores • 11 documentaries • Commentary tracks + video introduc
  18. Here is an ad for Ladies in Retirement (1941), starring Ida Lupino and Louis Hayward — one of my favorite movies. Hedda Hopper says it “Holds you handcuffed to your seat!” And, well… she’s right about
  19. Ginger Rogers surrounded by a trio of Santas, 1950. 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 #Christmas #OldHollywood
  20. From Motion Picture magazine, Oct. 1943: Bette Davis , founder and president, celebrates the (Hollywood) Canteen’s first anniversary #ClassicHollywood #OldHollywood #BetteDavis #HollywoodCanteen

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