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  1. It should be considered election fraud that neo-Nazi scumbag Josh Hawley lives in Virginia whilst representing Missouri and treasonous Russian agent Tommy Tuberville lives in Florida whilst representing Alabama. Living in a state that you didn’t run for office in is fraud.
  2. I don't think American's fathom the damage these weapons of war do to people.
  3. It’s an old article, but it is worth a read. I wish our police force would use Patrick Skinner’s technique that he talks about in this article.
  4. Loving this new Miley Cyrus song! An essential to add to your playlist. #song #music #playlist #badass
  5. Do this
  6. Social Security.
  7. I could read this and now I am worried about myself.
  8. holy fucking shit: in case you missed it, yesterday in America a 6-year-old boy with a gun shot his teacher during an 'altercation.' a 6 year old. with a fucking gun. this is why the rest of the world
  9. Truth
  10. Women, find your power

    I was born in Salt Lake. I went to the LDS Church because my BFF went. My parents were not religious but thought it would put me on a good moral path. I was told at 18 that I would have to transfer to
  11. This Andrew Tate thing has got me thinking. The endpoint of Tate’s relationship to women is rape. People like Tate are largely lost - but many of the young men he has influenced are not, yet. So, they
  12. Tipping is the way here folks.
  13. Good. A price should be paid for frivolous lawsuits including potential loss of Bar Association for lawyers to bring these nonsensical lawsuits to the court
  14. Tonight‘s guilty pleasure. #film #movie
  15. It’s all about political power no matter what the cost 💲
  16. Please repost these links as well, and spread far and wide. Thank you so much to anyone who is able and willing to help those in such desperate need today, in #ElPaso , in #DC and other areas, on #PineRidge

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