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North Carolina

A general nerd about history, art, Dungeons and Dragons, steel pens, food, nature, and a whole lot else. I love me some small museums and local historians.

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  1. Maybe won't lead to Nirvana, but it will make for a better social media experience for yourself and others.
  2. Monograms in the 19th-century

    In the mid-late 19th-century, personal monograms were all the rage. You would put them on key fobs, stationery, seals for letters (wax or wafers), or any personal items. Engravers often used books of
  3. The Future is coming - whether we want it or not

    As an old-timer internet guy, I'm really interested to see where this site will go. I've been on a lot of social media going all the way back to the bulletin boards, pre-web. The whole Twitter debacle

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