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Its' A Cat's Life Here

I am an experienced by life Senior who likes to have vigorous but civil conservation with others on similar issues. Funny is good, mean is bad. Let's talk it out nicely.

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  1. Why?

    Why are abortions illegal for women but not the men who impregnate them? It's a 50/50 deal here people. Why is our justice system tilted unfairly to the wealthy? Why is the former President not being treated like the rest of us would be in a court of law? He chose to run for Presid
  2. I have tried to understand the Republicans, I really have. I don't understand or want to associate myself with anyone who thinks violence is the ends to a means. To enable it, to condone it, to turn our populace against each other in a power revenge is NOT what we voted you in to
  3. It's scary for many of us...

    I look here at the Post to get factual information. As such, and at my age, I stare in wonder how so many people have been gobbled up by Trumpism. It's scary for me, not just for myself, for my childr
  4. Post News a place to call home. Civil conversation, let's keep that out front.

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