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Piyush Arora


Working on AI and UX @google. Also, Hobbyist artist and photographer.

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  1. Bidding farewell to my favorite season, Fall 🍁
  2. Good morning and Hello from Seattle!
  3. First snow of the season in Seattle this morning.
  4. Sharing one of my favorite paintings I did a while back. This one's called "Ocean on a canvas." #artist #painting
  5. Are hashtags a thing on Post?
  6. Enjoyed walking through Washington Park Arboretum last week in Seattle. Beautiful fall colors.
  7. Hmm..How do you file for bugs on this platform? Unable to reply to comments so far. Anyone else faced the same?
  8. For those who observe and celebrate this day, what’s one thing you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving?
  9. Thought I’ll share one of my paintings on this new platform. This one’s called ‘Birth of the universe’..
  10. Hello, world!

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