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  1. Secretary Pete Buttigieg got a really warm welcome to South Dakota last week. ♥️ [See the video below.] He spent two days touring the state to discuss investments in rural airports, speak with leaders from the nine Sioux Tribes of South Dakota, thank first responders, and meet wi
  2. Let's discuss the one-year delay in opening the 1/6 probe, and which questions we should be asking. I, too, am frustrated by the delay, but every situation has nuance, and while Merrick Garland is the Attorney General, it's disingenuous to place all the blame on him (though I thi
  3. What America calls the “radical left,” is called the center by the rest of the industrialized world. Healthcare, Education, Living Wages, Paid Time Off, & Gun Control are guaranteed in most advanced co
  4. Testing...Testing.. 1 2 3...
  5. Disgraceful
  6. Antivaxxers should be held criminally liable
  7. Be sure you are following Marc. Fighter for democracy! Fighter for voting rights. Fighter for integrity of our nation.
  8. Heartbreaking... his poor broken hearted family 💔
  9. I follow you on Twitter !
  10. Today, like 80 years ago. The message from The White House is the same: We Stand With You. #ukraine #democracy #photography #news #politics #art #education #postphotos
  11. These people aren't really concerned about kids. They're only using them as a weapon against an already marginalized group. It's so gross.
  12. When even family doesn't understand

    Hello! Good morning!Happy Holidays)! I posting this morning to ask for advice. I need another perspective. Yesterday while waiting in the Walmart parking lot for my grocery pickup order (they were runn
  13. Countless people continue to engage in a great deal of false equivalence about the left and right, I find. They may compare January 6th to the riots that follow police shootings. Or compare anger at T
  14. Look at how smart my fcking governor is. He just made precedent that the Texas abortion bounty law is unconstitutional.
  15. A cutie 🥧 🍰 🥰
  16. Tradition is peer pressure from dead people 🤔 @Beau of the fifth column

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