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Not interested in cheering for one side or looking for mistakes taken out of context just to feel like we got a win. Searching for actual facts. I think I’m a good critical thinker, I hope you are too.

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  1. With the latest crap going on over at Twitter, I’m pretty close to leaving that site once and for all.
  2. Remember, it’s just a baby still.
  3. Hey I’m 57 and getting married for the second time on Dec 23rd. We have been engaged for 9 years, since that seems so long, we decided to get married in the chapel of an old folks home. I kid you not
  4. First day on here, seems pretty civilized so far. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
  5. I just signed up a few minutes ago. I’m looking forward to a new and fresh experience. Give me a follow if you want to hear a middle aged white privileged male who celebrates diversity perspective.

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