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Polish Citizen

Father of two beasts, partner of one beauty, corporate animal and lobbyist for years. Cooking, cursing politics and enjoying music from 80s in a spare time.

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  1. Everyone is invited to donate for this cause. We in Poland support Ukraine and its enormous efforts to fight Putler. Donate here
  2. Finally Putler admitted Russia is at war. He forgot though that using such words in Russia is sanctioned with up to 15 years in prison… This is how messed up he is…
  3. Super sad or super accurate that Maxi Jazz met DJ God just today … Sleep in peace mate 😢 #GodisaDJ #Faithless #MaxiJazz
  4. Merry Christmas everyone :) Welcome to this forum. I hope it will give a true freedom and responsibility to its participants, unlike the other place 😀 #notabirdyplace #firstpost

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