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  1. Ron DeSantis discussing inflation last year: “If you could give me a time machine to go back to January 2021, we would just do the opposite of what Biden has done, and we'd be in a better spot.” Umm, about that.
  2. Hi Posters, The far right has unleashed homophobic hate against me on other platforms, but I won't be intimidated. We want to build our platform here on Post so we can continue our conversations on a harassment-free site. Can you please REPOST this post and FOLLOW us so we can grow
  3. Jan. 6 report: "What President Trump was saying was, in sum, exactly what the Russian government wanted said—but he was doing it on his own initiative and from the trappings of the Oval Office."
  4. The Republicans who Rudy Giuliani tried to call on Jan. 6: Jim Jordan, Marsha Blackburn, Tommy Tuberville, Bill Hagerty, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz.
  5. Anti union. Anti abortion. What are we even doing here?
  6. Jack Smith, Merrick Garland: Are we not a nation of laws?
  7. What role did Jared Kushner play in securing the funding for the purchase of Twitter?
  8. The GOP just elected a new congressman who appears to have simply made up his résumé & most of his life story. No one checked until now because society functions on a measure of trust—we can’t assume
  9. Musk just linked arms with RFK Jr, one of the world’s most notorious anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists
  10. I could really use a favor... (re-post if possible, thanks) I write a newsletter about media, politics, and culture called The Present Age . For as long as I've been writing it (about 1.5 years), Twitte

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