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This little purple owl will be your first follower.

I hike with the grizzly bears and bike with the rattlesnakes. I have a spider named Wolfie. Every part of the cattail is edible.

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  1. Three Javelinas not in a blanket.
  2. Just playing around with slow exposure on the iPhone. Saguaros…guardians and ancestors of the desert.
  3. Looking towards Grinnell Glacier. I bet there’s a lot more snow now.
  4. I just love seeing balancing rocks like these on the trails (Utah).
  5. Broad-billed Hummingbird.
  6. A zoomed shot of a Peregrine Falcon.
  7. When I look at the stillness, what do I see? Is it the sky? Or the water beneath me? Perhaps it’s the calm. No chaos around. I reflect on the peace. Life with no sounds.
  8. Flashback to Montana…simply a crab spider on a Forget-Me-Not Flower. I almost missed it hiking by.
  9. A Greater Roadrunner watching me. If they were 6 feet high, humans might be on the menu. They are voracious predators and fun to watch.
  10. From southern Utah, a Collared Lizard posed for us while warming up in the sun.
  11. A Sonoran sunset.
  12. Happy New Year! Sending you all Shooting Star flowers. Make a wish.
  13. While following a deer path in the mountains looking and listening for a Northern Goshawks, I came across this fallen log. I call it Starry Log. I just so happened to take a path less traveled.
  14. “One of the most beautiful dead things on the planet.” The remnants of a Whitebark Pine. For those that don’t know, this tree’s seeds were a primary food source for Clark’s Nutcrackers. However, mo
  15. A resting Eastern Screeh-Owl (Red morph). Here’s wishing you all a safe and peaceful holiday.
  16. Every now and then, ice formations on the windshield are spectacular and are natural works of art.
  17. Odd for December, some Saguaros have blooms on the south facing slopes.
  18. Rut roh. @wolfiesmom @karaswisher
  19. ‘OH SHIT!’ Yeah. Mr. Phred is sleeping on the couch tonight.
  20. Pam’s hosting a party! 🥳🎈

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