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Photographer, drummer, dog lover. DC Metro/ NOVA

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  1. Dear adversaries floating objects over the US, You can all relax. We are self destructing just fine on our own. Love ya! KG
  2. "Most dismaying is how the national media has entirely failed to properly contextualize DeSantis’s reign of terror. Most coverage has been dry and dispassionate, granting legitimacy to laws that would have stuck out as overtly racist during the Jim Crow era."
  3. Reason number 2 for not visiting the state of Florida. Reason number 1 is the Governor - Ron DeSantis. 👇
  4. holy fucking shit, Al Franken posed for a stupid photo and Democrats forced him to resign. George Santos is a fucking felony factory and Republicans rewarded him with prime committee assignments. mayb
  5. to all my friends and followers: merry Christmas! to all you dipshits who think the war on Christmas is a real thing: happy holidays
  6. holy fucking shit, if you think, Zelensky 'disgraced' the Capitol by wearing casual clothing, wait until you hear what a bunch of insurrectionist shitheads did on January 6
  7. Thank you, Dr. Fauci - posting here after what happened on that other site.

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