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Post's biggest, or at least first, Sabrina Carpenter Stan

Rule : Don't get happy. Obsessive-compulsive Discordian. Too much sports stuff (NY Rangers, Giants, Jets, & Mets; Not-NY Orioles, Everton, & RPI Hockey; tennis and NASCAR). I talk to the clouds. Feel free to listen. Or, if you prefer, don't. All resolves to purple parallel.

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  1. All those upsets just to end up with freaking UConn. Ugh.
  2. They really need to only allow one timeout each in the last minute of basketball games.
  3. I just dropped something on the floor and an #earthquake happened.
  4. The Post can just rerun this one tomorrow. #Mets
  5. It's Pi Day! Pi Day! Gonna eat cake on Pi Day!
  6. It just hailed in downtown San Diego.
  7. Larry Brooks has been pushing Kane to #NYR for at least a year, and at no point did it ever seem to me to be anything other than a completely insane proposition. But now it's happened. And you know what? It's still an insane proposition! They're playing games with four defenc
  8. Kyle Busch has won a Cup Series race in 19 straight years. It's definitely a NASCAR record; I'm pretty sure it's a record for all major racing series worldwide.
  9. Happy anniversary to the greatest hockey game of all time.
  10. Safe home, Mark “Twitch” Riddell.
  11. Terry Bradshaw trying to run Andy Reid out of town...
  12. Very happy to have been wrong. But you can't make that holding call.
  13. Oh no, are all those things we've had to shoot down just another U2 publicity stunt?
  14. Apparently I don't know as many Rihanna songs as I thought I did.
  15. I hope I'm wrong - and every expect is picking a close game, so I probably am - but I really think this is going to be an Eagles blowout and we can all turn our TVs off when Rihanna wraps up her set. #SuperBowl #SBLVII
  16. I think Panarin likes his new linemate. #NYR
  17. Hot take: the Nets' super-team era did not go well.
  18. "Life" magazine allegedly died over 20 years ago, but at Barnes & Noble tonight there were ten different "Life" titles on display.
  19. Here and Mastadon are just not real replacements for Twitter when it comes to sports. For example, there's not a single post or toot about a player #Everton signed during this transfer window. ... What's that? There were no signings? Huh. Never mind then.
  20. NASCAR rule change dump is... all good? I demand something to complain about!

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