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Peter S Thompson


Local 600 Director of Photography

Portland Oregon born, Los Angeles based Director of Photography.

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  1. Thinking about the former president and his attack on the Constitution: "There is a cruel irony that he invokes the Founding Fathers in his anti-democratic delirium. They wrote the Constitution as a
  2. Hey everyone Fox News here reminding you to BE AFRAID OF ELECTRIC CARS!!! In an unrelated story an autocrat is waging war and some countries will have to go without lights or heat this winter
  3. Instructions for sitting public: Place complimentary protective cover on seat. That one gets automatically flushed down. Place another cover on seat. Proceed.
  4. Over a decade ago I worked with a television celebrity who got really mad when we couldn’t arrange to fly her on a private jet from Flagstaff, AZ to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s a 75 mile d
  5. Today I discovered a candy called Nerds Gummy Clusters. Nothing will ever be the same again.
  6. My favorite humorist, Andy Borowitz, just landed another ten-strike:
  7. Kara Swisher @karaswisher for the win over on the bird thing …
  8. Going through the posts this morning, seeing lots of feature requests and questions about our priorities, I thought I would share what we are focused on and why we are making certain decisions. First o
  9. Resignation letter attached.
  10. Whenever you hear a right wing critique of “wokeism,” just replace the word “woke” with synonyms like “kindness,” “tolerance,” “decency,” or “mutual respect” to fully realize how depraved and vile suc
  11. Feeling like I don’t want a Tesla Cybertruck anymore. Going to trade it for another EV pickup that doesn’t exist.
  12. Some outstanding ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers
  13. Remember, every time Post glitches it's because another Twitter users has gotten their wings.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

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