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  1. The US Healthcare System Needs to be Burnt to the Ground

    Haven't posted in a minute, just been busy and occasionally lurking. But I need to vent. I've been trying for 3 MONTHS to get an appointment with a specialist Dr. There's always some BS about this one
  2. #NowPlaying #PostPlays
  3. Guess we're picking up where we left off. Oh well, EOY $SPY prediction of 395. #FinPost #SPY #CanWeGetTickerTags
  4. I bought a Russian advent calendar. Every time you open a window an oligarch falls out.
  5. Funny, he didn't look Druish....
  6. Happy Lebronukah to all who celebrate #NBA #PostUp
  7. Oh we got gifs now?
  8. I guess #hastags only work on desktop, not on mobile (or at least not for Android)? Weird, but at least now I've figured it out. Mentions too? Let's see..... WHAT UP, @howardbeck
  9. Can we make #PostUp the official hashtag of #NBAPost discussions?
  10. Why can't I get my #hashtags to work? #ImHittingSpaceAfter
  11. Amazing house made pasta. Highly recommend #PostPlaces #Food #London
  12. WHAT UP, BECK? Great to see you here.
  13. How we got here 😋
  14. Kudos to team @feedback for implementing topics and searching by hashtag. Really felt like that was a severely lacking feature that makes a site like this useable. Hopefull
  15. From the Scope Art Fair #LordByron #Poetry #Art @feedback my pics keep rotating after posting
  16. Go GA! OutKast - Morris Brown
  17. #PostPlaces Miami Beach. Faena hotel. Art Basel opening.

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