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  1. I only ban books from my own bookcase (or iPad).
  2. More people need to know this!
  3. Wow. Twitter is chock-full of pro-Bolsonaro accounts cheering on the insurrection right now.
  4. Now where in heavens did Brazilian right-wingers get an idea like this?
  5. What’s going on in Brazil?
  6. Let’s be accurate.

    Kevin McCarthy didn’t “visit” Mar-a-Lago after denouncing Trump for Jan. 6. He was summoned. No one hops on a plane to drop by unannounced at the home of an ex-President who they just publicly trashed
  7. Trump World finds deadbeats in financial trouble with a talent for lying…

    and promotes them as candidates. These useful idiots are beholden to the GOP, who now own their secrets, and owe them everything. How did George Santos, congressman elect from NY, end up at Mar-a-lago
  8. Do Musk’s tax returns next. Spoiler: These MFers are robbing us all blind.
  9. It’s kind of funny that folks think Elon is unable to control the outcome of a poll on his own platform over which he has sole oversight. .
  10. Several reports over the last two days in the @washingtonpost & New York Times about internal dysfunction of Russian Army units. I wrote the below Opinion Piece in September based on past first hand o
  11. Why do professional journalists keep playing with that billionaire clown?

    Musk lets @atrupar back on Twitter, and Rupar acts like it’s some kind of win. Musk will ban him again at his whim or via some ridiculous poll, and other journalists will
  12. THREAD: This is simple. We had INTERCEPTED COMMUNICATIONS showing Rudy was THE TARGET of RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION about HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP. That’s why PRIVATE social media companies CHOSE not to sprea
  13. Aleksei my barber today: How handsome do you want me to make you? Me : Do your very best. Aleksei : I get my baseball bat.
  14. Spoiler alert…
  15. Kyrsten Sinema is getting very, very wealthy as a US Senator.
  16. Christmas came early! 🎁🎁🎁🎁

    Madison Cawthorn fined in crypto scam. Trump Org GUILTY on 17 counts of tax fraud. WARNOCK WINS GEORGIA SENATE RACE! 51 - 49 Democratic Senate Control!
  17. WAR! NOCK!
  18. On return visits to twitter, I find myself accidentally hitting the comment button instead of the heart, because that’s where Post’s thumbs-up is found. My conversion to Post is taking hold.
  19. Looking forward to the arrival of the mute function. A couple of Posters are absolutely dominating my explore feed, looking to be the new king and queen of Post. Never heard of them on twitter but the

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