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Editor-at-Large, Jewish Currents. Author, "Beinart Notebook" on Substack. Prof, Newmark School of Journalism, CUNY. MSNBC Analyst. Posts=my views, not CUNY's

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  1. Antisemitic Zionism isn't an oxymoron. Christian Zionists like countries dominated by one racial, religious or ethnic group. When Jews establish their own ethnostate, they're great. When Jews undermin
  2. It's not just Kevin McCarthy. Republicans have hated their congressional leaders for years now. It's because legislative leaders can't win culture wars. They can only pass laws.
  3. In both Europe and the US, the data suggests that Zionists are more antisemitic than anti-Zionists. That might sound crazy. But it's not. Zionism and antisemitism have been partners for a long time. J
  4. The more dysfunctional Republicans make American democracy, the more they empower the authoritarians who wish to overthrow it
  5. The Kennedy School's own human rights scholar, Kathryn Sikkink, told its dean that Human Rights Watch isn't "anti-Israel." She sent him research that HRW's findings track other rights groups + even th
  6. Rep Tom Cole of Oklahoma just told the New York Times--as a metaphor for why he's sticking with McCarthy—"We don’t intend to leave Moses on the other side of the river. He’s coming with us." Great met
  7. So the Freedom Caucus types are willing to cause chaos in the House now--and chaos for the world economy when they resist raising the debt ceiling later this year--because they HATE govt debt. Except
  8. Excited to moderate a conversation this Friday between two thoughtful people with different views of the controversy over Zionist speakers at Berkeley Law School: Jewish history professor Ethan Katz
  9. When commentators say Netanyahu's new government will erode Israeli democracy, they're at best half-right. Yes, it could erode certain rights for Jews. But for most Palestinians, Israel wasn't a democ

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