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  1. thanks for the music Burt Bacharach
  2. If #GoogleAssistant moves much slower, I’m just going to start flipping on light switches again. It’s almost more time-efficient at this point.
  3. I feel like humanity has always been too overwhelmed by humanity.
  4. He’s not wrong.
  5. Too inspirational?

    Today’s #InspirationalQuote from the #InsightTimer app. I’m afraid I find it so #inspiring that I’m about to take it too literally and actually write a 365 page book. 😳
  6. A note to people who send marketing newsletters.

    Getting really tired of company newsletters that are just ads. Please give us some value—not just marketing! Tell us a joke, give us a cool link to check out that isn’t to one of your product! Give us
  7. FacingLife.WTF
  8. I’ve been posted!

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