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Penni Barnett


Obsessed History Nerd

Native American descendant. Born in Los Angeles. Autism warrior advocate parent. Fighter against all anti-democracy people and things.

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  1. Twitter is one more incident away from rebranding as Camp Lejeune
  2. The BLUE one is the most important, Choose your battles!
  3. Um wow... this is real.
  4. Glad to land here on Post! Looks like this will be a platform that’s better aligned with my values and mission. Hoping to reconnect here with friends and colleagues from Twitter to continue the journey
  5. Saw the first forced-birth post, that block button can't come fast enough.
  6. As President, Trump Ultimately Did Nothing to Stop the North Korean Nuclear Missile Program After Being Warned By His Predecessor in Office, Barack Obama, That It Posed a Greater Threat to U.S. Nation
  7. Just a reminder that zero constitutional conservatives have condemned the leader of their party for calling for the entire Constitution to be terminated.
  8. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  9. Joy Reid, Claire McCaskill and I discussed Donald's Dinner Debacle and how the GOP's response reminded me of how they treated Barack Obama during the Rev. Wright saga.
  10. My first post on #Post . Hope to engage in great conversations about hot legal and political issues that I discuss on #MSNBC , #SistersInLaw and #iGenPolitics . Looking forward to learning the rules on
  11. congratulations to Stewart Rhodes and all his dipshit Oath Keepers co-conspirators, the most recent graduates of the University of Fuck Around and Find Out

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