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Rhode Islander by birth, Bay Stater by circumstance. Freemason. GenXer. ,

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  1. my cat feels this is an acceptable sleep position
  2. What a world cup final. Watched the game with some lodge brothers in the function room of a local restaurant. I was kind of a neutral observer, as the teams I was rooting for, #USMNT and #England , b
  3. Watching Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol... Razzleberry dressing...
  4. LOL
  5. If the Trump collectible cards were sold in packs like baseball cards, what flavor would the stale piece of gum be?
  6. Just curious, how many of you picked out a new name/handle when you jumped over? I did, and I noticed some of the accounts I followed over there have new handles, while some retained their old ones. I
  7. Resonance

    "a favorite theory of mine [is] that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often." - Mark Twain I'm breaking my own rule about
  8. #PostPlaces Gillette Stadium 🏟 #ForeverNE #GoPats
  9. #THFC has been drawn against Portsmouth Football Club in the third round of The Emirates FA Cup.
  10. Is there a micro-community/ post-tag for supporters of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club yet? If not: #THFC #COYS
  11. Grief is like a pizza where everybody gets a differently-sized slice with very different toppings.
  12. This. 👇
  13. Disappointed Harry Kane didn't score, while very happy with USMNT's performance #WORLDCUP #FIFAWORLDCUP #COYS
  14. First post

    I would've loved for my first post on here to be something profound or exciting, but instead I'm sitting in the parking lot of a hobby lobby while my wife runs in to buy stickers.

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