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Prof of Middle East, terrorism, religion.

I am a professor of Political Science and Middle East Studies. My work focuses on religion, Middle East politics, and terrorism. I've written for the Washington Post's Monkeycage and am currently an editor at the Duck of Minerva. I published a book with Cambridge UP on Islam and counterterrorism, and have a new book on religion and power politics forthcoming from Cornell UP. I'm also interested in D&D, guitar, and Vermont.

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  1. new analysis on the role of religion in international reactions to the Russian war on Ukraine

    Vladimir Putin used appeals to conservative religious values to build a transnational coalition among far-right forces. This failed to undermine opposition to his invasion of Ukraine, though. I discuss why in this post, drawing on my forthcoming book with Cornell UP
  2. New York Times stealing content from smaller outlets

    Seeing many people share the New York times article on the #academicfreedom controversy over depictions of #ProphetMuhammad. Newlinesactually broke that story, which the Times doesn't acknowledge. Sha
  3. On the anniversary of the 1/6 attack on the Capitol, my Duck of Minerva piece on why we should call it #terrorism
  4. Some evidence that #alqaeda is in disarray #terrorism AQ has yet to name Zawahiri replacement
  5. Why don't progressive Christians get the attention as contrarian conservative Christians?

    The New York Times recently brought on David French-conservative Christian Trump critic-as a columnist. This follows a long line of conservative Christians given major exposure by prominent media outl
  6. continued ISIS-inspired attacks across different countries. Some may dismiss local groups affiliating w/ ISIS as immaterial, but it did seem to transform/extend these conflicts. Some of the new work I
  7. I'll be spending part of my upcoming sabbatical as a research fellow with the University of Edinburgh's Alwaleed Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World. I'll be working on my new proj
  8. ISIS reportedly kills police officers in northern Iraq. Good change the group will persist as a persistent threat in the Middle East, Sahel, even if its ideological appeal fades
  9. OK, students care about race and climate change in IR. Now what?

    I have a new post at the Duck of Minerva, where am I am editor and contributor. I find that students in my intro to IR courses are into climate change and race, but have little to say on these topics.
  10. I'm officially done with Twitter. Looking forward to fully engaging w/ this community.
  11. To subtitle or not subtitle?

    my book, Religious Appeals in Power Politics, is entering final production with Cornell UP. We're discussing whether to use that as subtitle or just go with the basic descriptive title. Leaning toward
  12. Bernie faces the wrath of his fans

    1 of my issues w/ Bernie Bros: they saw 1 and only 1 way to address issues--Bernie's way--and if you proposed any other you were TEH BLOB or a neoliberal. So it's ironic that he's now facing that same
  13. interesting article. I agree w/ the basic idea, although as a non-Arab studying MENA security I wouldn't say I don't care, just that it has different salience. But a lot of the problem is Western-base
  14. can you take a hiatus right after joining a social media platform?

    I joined Post just as the semester was ending (this is finals week). Between grading and winter break, I may not be that engaged for now but I promise I'll pick it up after that.
  15. ICOW vs ICOWS

    Searched for the ICOW dataset and got this as my first result. I should have realized it wasn't right by the preview of "we are a close-knit group of friends" but I thought it was possible the people
  16. Using Intro to IR classes to reflect on IR as a sub-field

    for the last 3 lectures of my intro to IR class, I pick topics that are interesting but also help us meditate on IR as a field. 1.religion-whether IR can study "new" topics 2.climate change-whether IR
  17. Things are going to get a lot worse, right-wing violence edition

    re: German far-right plot, I worry we're reaching a tipping point in social movement cycle. Far-right political parties aren't getting extremists what they want, so they're turning to plots like this,
  18. Is the World Cup a soft power win for Qatar?

    my new post on the Duck of Minerva. I question discourse on the #WorldCup as a #softpower win for #qatar . Popularity/attention does not equal soft power. First Qatar needs to translate that into influ
  19. looks like Turkey is getting what it wants re: Kurdish extradition w/ Sweden NATO accession
  20. for the morning crowd. New to Post, and happy to be here. Follow for any of the below topics, and I'll follow back

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