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recovering litigator/rural student advocate/still learning/we'd be in a lot better shape right now if we had listened to all those voices silenced along the way/hoping it's not too late.

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  1. That’s your issue?

    Fighting for lax security seems like a pretty transparent attempt to encourage political violence. Plus: Lily posts some great articles.
  2. Days

    What are days for? Days are where we live. They come, they wake us Time and time over. They are to be happy in: Where can we live but days? …. Philip Larkin
  3. The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend.

    I worry about our dualistic thinking. We elevate things which seem opposed to the latest bad as themselves necessarily GOOD. But that’s not so. Case in point: Grant Lally, the Long Island newspaper
  4. BREAKING: Adam Schiff and Democrats have just introduced a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to overturn Citizens United. This would REMOVE Dark Money from politics for good. Who supports this amendment?
  5. We recently announced awards from the Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program, which will help improve roads, bridges and transit, creating economic opportunity for millions. Over the next few days
  6. Pass it on, and on, and on. Please let this young man's name be seen everywhere...
  7. Iran is still executing peaceful protestors fighting in solidarity with Iranian women. Early Saturday morning, the misogynistic, fascistic fundamentalists, human rights violating leaders of Iran execu
  8. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries:
  9. The Automat

    The Automat Documentary (showing on HBO Max) is really wonderful. Not living in NY or Philadelphia I had no idea of automat’s significance, or their beauty!
  10. pretty crazy old group!
  11. my idaho dog Char is acclamating to southern california very well
  12. First run of the year, in Desert Hot Springs after a midnight storm. Wishing you all good roads in 2023!
  13. Relief

    There is a great feeling of relief in Moscow, Idaho to hear that the person believed to have killed four college students has been apprehended in Pennsylvania. Press conference at 1 Pacific. He was
  14. The local paper that broke the Santos story is owned by the attorney spokesperson of Libs of Tiktok. He is my law school classmate and has alway been evil.
  15. Oh. #HappyHolidays #Gift #Music #BlackPost
  16. Tim Wise

    @timjacobwise is a Post discovery for me. I don’t think I was aware of him on the bird app and certainly his longer commentary wouldn’t fit there. But everything of his I’m re
  17. Heroes.

    The official police account of the finding, as reported by CNN, left the women out. But the local paper reviewed police communications and they confirm the women’s role. They are heroes.
  18. Merry Christmas!!!
  19. Favorite Holiday appetizers of 2022: Kim Chee Dip (best with a really sturdy chip, from Sheldon Simeon of Top Chef Fame) Yakima Valley Artichokes (they look like little quiches, but they are actually
  20. #Poetry #SocialPoetry

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