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70’s music lover, Democrat, retired member of United Steelworkers Union, dog mom, likes camping, Michigander

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  1. Michigan AG Dana Nessel has re-opened criminal investigations of fake electors: -“Quite candidly, yes we are re-opening our investigation bc I don’t know what the federal government plans to do" -she
  2. Brazilian academic pointing out on Al Jazeera now that what happened in the Congress here this week demonstrates US political instability and that’s an opening for fascists to do what happened in Bras
  3. I am so exhausted by men who do not have the will to change and expect everyone to bend to their narcissism or suffer for the refusal, from the top tiers of industry to the mediocrity of daily life. Ju
  4. Speaker Kevin McCarthy: Okay, first, I'd like to... Matt Gaetz (interrupting) McCarthy: Yes? Gaetz: Dance. McCarthy: Beg pardon? Gaetz: McCarthy: Marjorie Taylor Greene (pulling out her pistol and poi
  5. #humor #politics

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