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Special Ed. Teach, Paralegal, Coach. #FreshResists #OneV1. Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it. -Mark Twain

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  1. So George Santos ran as a gay, Jewish male with a college degree who worked for Goldman Sachs. In reality he is a divorced, Catholic heterosexual without a college degree funded by dark money. The G
  2. If Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the National Guard, the Insurrectionists would have never entered the Capitol. #Jan6 #Pelosi
  3. Good morning and Happy Holidays to everyone who didn't try to overthrow the government! #HappyHolidays #FreshResists
  4. Time to put things into perspective: For all of the voter fraud claims levied by Republicans, not one of them testified under oath to the #Jan6 Committee that there was voter fraud. Not one of them.
  5. Teachers trying to make the last week before winter break. #Winterbreak #HappyHolidays
  6. Tomorrow the #Jan6Committee will announce indictments against Trump and possible others who participated in the Insurrection. As we speak, staff at Mar-A-Lago are hiding all of the ketchup bottles. #IndictTrump
  7. Former members of the House sent a letter to the #Jan6Committee requesting the 34 GOP members who tried to overthrow the election be held accountable. The bipartisan letter stated what they did was pa
  8. Good morning to everyone who is not voting for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House! #Saturday #BlueCrew
  9. All of the Republicans and Conservatives are complaining about the "Woke" military. If we didn't have a "Woke" military we would still be paying taxes to the British. #Democracy #Woke
  10. Excited to have hit 100 followers on Post! Only 38,400 more to get back to my Twitter numbers! #Post
  11. It’s official, the Republicans have a cartoon character as a presidential candidate. They must be so proud!
  12. Hello to everyone who didn't text Meadows. #Democracy
  13. Congress passes legislation, directing the removal of Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney's statue and its replacement with a bust of Thurgood Marshall, the Court’s first Black justice. Taney authored t
  14. Glad Biden signed the Marriage Equality Law today. Sad that a law had to be passed to allow people to marry who they love.
  15. 34 members of Congress sent Mark Meadows text messages on ways to keep Biden from taking his place as the rightful winner of the 2020 election. 34 Congressmen who ignored their oaths to the Constituti
  16. And here I always thought Musk's pronouns were ass and hole.
  17. Knowing that I don't have to wake up to a tweet from Elon Musk on my timeline, makes me smile!
  18. This explains so much and shows why separation of church and state must be enforced.
  19. 9 days until Winter break, but who’s counting? #TiredTeachers
  20. If you aren't prepared to represent all of the people you shouldn't be allowed to represent any of the people. #Democracy

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