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  1. Those Norwegians, always big picture thinkers
  2. Seems like only the oil and gas sectors are happy with their wages in egalitarian #Norway
  3. The famous Norwegian solidarity in practice
  4. Egalitarian? #Norway ? It doesn’t look like it .
  5. What? Pasta is not Italian? Is it from #Norway ?
  6. Inequality increasing in #Norway . The country gets richer , but not all Norwegians follow.
  7. Those poor Swedes, too many wolves, too many Lynx and only 1km2 for 25 people. What will they do? Kill the Lynx of course
  8. Go Humans! You can do it!
  9. Lonely boy with a deformed skull, was that a Norwegian or a Swede?
  10. Go #Norway . Good use of your money.
  11. Fabulous news from #Norway Just need to get your government to agree and stop issuing drilling licenses
  12. Norway guilty conscience? The only European country profiting from war.
  13. War profiteers? #Norway?
  14. The last coal mine in #Norway . Workers hanging on to a dying industry.
  15. No signs of #Norway slowing down on oil and gas exploration What does it take?
  16. Of course gas stoves are dangerous, what’s new? They always have been!
  17. #Norway always way ahead on the big questions, like Is white-paint racist?
  18. Bye bye Jacinda, off to that UN job?
  19. Welcome to #Norway
  20. Norwegian food officially worst in the world. #Norway

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